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Wednesday 1st January to Thursday 31st December 2020
£ 175.00  

Per Person (VAT and Duties Included)

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Current Item Total :  £175.00

The Terra Syndicate offers cyclists the opportunity to ride any Earth Sports event throughout the year at no extra cost (subject to a place being available) Syndicate members also receive priority over non memebsr for a place in an event.

Our core beliefs are one of mutual respect, enjoyment and as such we reserve the right to withdraw membership of the syndicate to any person for behaviour that is deemed to run contrary to our beliefs.

At Earth Sports we have been exploring ways to reduce the carbon foot print of events as well as reducing the waste pruduced before during and after events, while offering riders a broader spectrum of experinces to participate in. We are dedicated to exploring the world by bike and our aim for the future is to move towards  a self supported model whereby we are provide the route and and live tracking for every ride or event, as well as doing away with motorised support services at certain events, feed stations will be manned and stocked locally reducing transport miles.

We are ambitous in our goals and have been investing in technology to make it easier than everbefore for cyclists to enjoy the woth world while minimising their impact on the environment.

We are excited to be leading the way forward.