Engage Everyone​

Earth Sports corporate and private clubs programme provides organisations with a professional, low input and risk mitigated platform that offers members an exciting outdoor events, engagement and wellness programme.

With many teams operating in virtual mode or via flexible working, the Earth Sports corporate programme provides companies and employees the opportunity to interact in a fun and informal way that facilitates relationship building and creativity, whilst supporting and nurturing a healthy workforce.

We don’t believe traditional gyms achieve this which is why we have developed these packages specifically to build stronger post-COVID teams and relationships.

By offering cycling, running and walking we believe that this enables the vast majority of members to participate and is truly a cross organisation offering that caters for every level of fitness and club or company member.

Our Clubs offering works on a subscription model with riders receiving weekly and monthly engagement as part of the package which is then supplemented by several larger targeted annual events.

What’s In the Subscription

Programmes are bespoke to your organisation and available to your members, friends and guests.
Our aim is to help you develop sustainable, long term management of weekly, monthly and annual events and programmes.
  • Weekly (Included) - Engage every week with members virtually - Online cycling, yoga and pilates.
  • Monthly (Included) - Engage every month with members in person - cycling, walking and running. Our team will organise and lead monthly events to ensure they are a success.
  • Annual Events (Additional) - We will plan and run several larger events throughout the year that target large groups, giving a real focus to training and a shared common goal.
  • Bespoke - (Additional) - Plan highly specific events with targeted engagement strategies, coaching and often complex logistics.

UK, European and global cycling, running and walking events

  • Event Planning
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Accommodation
  • Live Tracking and Mapping
  • Food and Drink
  • Mechanical Support
  • Equipment Hire (inc e-bikes)
  • Event Clothing and Merchandise
  • Ride Leaders & Pro Riders
  • Physio & Massage
  • Content Creation

Training and Coaching packages are available to all members and are 100% focused on achieving personal goals. The coaching ties in with the clubs events and engagement strategy to give a year round support package.

Weekly Events

Included with all subscriptions. We offer corporate and club members weekly virtual events as part of a bespoke package of engagement.

These events can include virtual cycling, online yoga and pilates and outdoor training maps and Q&A sessions with our ride and walk leaders.

Monthly Events

Included with all subscriptions. In person monthly events lead by our team can be as simple as a walk in the countryside, a team run in the local park or cycling in the local hills.

Annual & Bespoke

As part of your annual club or company engagement and well-being programme our team will help you design and manage larger events that can engage from 5 - 1000 people and take place anywhere in the UK or Europe.

We help your organisation:

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Build on your club or corporate culture
  • Bring everyone together in inspirational outdoors settings.

There is no limit to the nature of bespoke events. We’ve taken on transcontinental world cycling records to mass participation walks and runs. If it’s in your imagination we can help make it a reality.

We aim to bring teams together, build relationships all while engaging every member of the business or club. Events will have one of our team leaders attending to ensure the event goes off safely and everyone gets maximum enjoyment.