Tour of Wessex 2020

May 23 - May 25, 2020

May 23 - May 25, 2020
Langport, Somerset
1000 riders
330 miles, 3 stages over 3 days
220 miles, 3 stages over 3 days
330 miles, 3 stages over 1 day

Experience the challenge of riding 3 days back to back in the Uk's biggest Multi Stage Cyclosportive while enjoying West country hospitality, and the exceptionally fine food & drink.

The Tour of Wessex is pleased to introduce the Wessex 24 hour for endurance racers that will run alongside the 3 stage cyclosportive. Both events offer live tracking so friends and family can keep up to date with how the ride unfolds. Tracking will be managed from the Tour of Wessex event app which is being launched in January 2020.

The cycling cognoscenti have been making the annual pilgrimage to Somerset since 2006 to experience the challenge of riding 3 days back to back while enjoying West country hospitality, and the exceptionally fine food & drink. For the very fittest adventure seekers there is now the option of completing all three stages in under 24 hours. For endurance racers it is an ideal opportunity to test out equipment and race strategy before the major races later in the year.

Expect quintessentially English countryside though the lanes and byways of the South West. Each individual stage has its own unique mix of monuments, history and challenging terrain which sets it apart from other events; add the challenge of riding three days back to back or the entire route in under 24 hours and you have truly unique challenge. Choose from 330 miles, 220 miles.

Each stage starts and finishes at Huish Episcopi Academy which provides outstanding facilities including a swimming pool which is available to Tour of Wessex participants free of charge.

Live event tracking will be available to view in the theatre at the event HQ.


Stage 1 – Somerset & Wiltshire
101 miles
08:00, May 23, 2020
Start location:
Finish location:
Route download:
Stage 2 – Somerset & Dorset
119 miles & 79 miles
08:00, May 24, 2020
Start location:
Finish location:
Stage 3 – Somerset & Exmoor
111 miles & 64 miles
08:00, May 25, 2020
Start location:
Finish location:
Stage 1 - Somerset
101 miles
08:00, May 23, 2020
Start location:
Finish location:
Route download:
Stage 1 - Somerset
101 miles
08:00, May 23, 2020
Start location:
Finish location:


The Tour of Wessex features 3 ride options:

  • 330 miles in 3 days.
  • 330 miles under 24 hours
  • 220 miles in 3 days

The event HQ is Huish Academy, Wincanton Road, Langport, TA10 9SS

Event Overview

Stage 1 – Somerset & Wiltshire

Distance 101 miles & 78 miles

Date: 23/05/2020

Start Time 08:00

Start Location: Langport

Finish Location: Langport

Stage 2 – Somerset & Dorset

Distance: 119 miles & 79 miles

Date: 24/05/2020

Start Time: 08:00

Start Location: Langport

Finish Location: Langport

Stage 3 – Somerset & Exmoor

Distance 111 miles & 64 miles

Date 28/05/2020

Start Time: 08:00

Start Location: Langport

Finish Location: Langport

Rider Entry Packs

All rider information is available electronically. No rider packs will be posted, Ride numbers may be collected at the event HQ btween 5-7 pm on Friday 22nd May or between 6:00 am and 7:30 am on the 23 May. Your rider number will be displayed on the event app just show this at reception and you will receive your number. Numbers are to be attached via the cable ties provided to the front of the handlebars.

Earth Sports Event App:

  • Bike/Rider Number will be displayed on the event app next to your name (cable ties and bike number baord to be collected at reception,please see above)
  • Timing of the event is managed by the event app. You will be instructed by the announcer to start the app which will run in the background. While the app draws very little power from you battery please ensure that your phone is fully charged before the ride
  • The event app allows freinds and family to follow your progress around the route and meet you on route at supporter points like Cheddar Gorge and Porlock Toll road road.
  • The event app also allows the organisers to locate the postion of riders in the event of injury or mechanical breakdown.

The app allows us to record your start and finish time for the event as well as on route split times for certain climbs so you can claim bragging rights and compare sectors against others.

Route map

Electronic down laod of the route is avaiolble to downlaod onto your bicycycle computer, we advise all riders to downlload this as it is a back up to following the route signage. There are occasions when riders miss signs due to traffic conditions abscuring signs.

Ride guide

A check list of equipment you may require and essential information about the ride, including emergency numbers.

Car Parking

Car parking is free. The car parks will be signed and have stewards, please follow their directions.

Start Times

08:00 each day for the Standard and Medium routes.

Route Signage

The Standard route(s) are signed, with YELLOW and BLACK event signs. 100 mile (stage 1) 1119 mile route (stage 2) and 111 mile route (stage 3).

The Medium distance route(s) split are signed with RED and BLACK event signs. 78 mile (Stage 1), 79 mile (Stage 2) and 64 mile (stage 3)

Please pay attention to Highways road signs particularly those that indicate road hazards such as cattle grids; these can be very slippery in the wet. We have also added extra warning signs for sharp bends and steep descents. Please be careful on narrow sections of road and descents, keeping a safe distance between yourself and the rider in front, especially in the wet.

Safety Points

You will be riding on the open road alongside other traffic so it is essential for your own safety and that of all other road users that you comply with ALL TRAFFIC REGULATIONS.

Please ensure you obey any instructions given by the moto marshals and pay particular attention at traffic lights, roundabouts and difficult turns.

As we are providing back-up facilities we must insist that your supporters, friends and family do not bring any vehicles out on the route to follow you as this may create congestion and could be a danger to cyclists and other road users.

In the event of an accident – If you are involved in a serious accident requiring immediate medical attention then ring 999, then the organisers event support number. The route is patrolled by National Escort Group riders that are on hand to assist. For minor injuries there are basic 1st Aid kits at each of the feed stations.

Assistance During the Ride – Should you require assistance please phone the event organisers number. We strongly recommend that you add these numbers to your mobile phone and keep with you at all times during the event.

There are cut-off times at which the moto marshals will stand down. The sweep vehicle will be traveling along the route at 20kmh/12.5 mph and will be collecting signage as it goes. If it catches up with you, you can either be transported to the finish or if you wish to continue on at your own pace you may but be aware these will be no signage. The finish closes at 5:30 pm each day. If you arrive after this time you will not receive a time or finishing place for that stage

N.B. If you decided to continue after the sweep vehicle has passed you, you will have to navigate your own route, and you will also no longer be covered by the event support services. If you do this, or drop-out at any other stage, then you must call the organiser to report this to the event team. The event app will provide you with a time even if the finish line has officially closed.

Riders Code of Conduct

You will be riding on public roads, so you must obey Highway Code regulations. Any rider seen not complying with the code could be reported and we are obliged to provide their details to the police.

Litter – There will be litter and recycling skips at the event HQ and at feed stations. Please use them and don’t drop any litter it gives cyclists a bad name!

Ride Guide

Traffic Regulations: Although there will be traffic management at key stages of the event, plus support from police and local authorities in planning the event, the Tour of Wessex Cyclosportive does take place on public roads, so you need to follow Highway Code regulations just as you would on a regular ride. You should be confident that you can ride in the following road conditions:

  • Busy urban main roads
  • Town center traffic
  • De-restricted rural roads
  • Narrow country lanes
  • Complex roundabouts
  • Riding in potentially large groups

Marshaling: The Tour of Wessex Cyclosportive relies on mobile moto safety marshals and arrows at key points along the route, to keep you safe and on track. Therefore, its in your interests to follow the instructions of all marshals and event officials. You should be aware that marshals are only in place should you get into difficulty, not to control other traffic.

Sportive, not Race: The Tour of Wessex Cyclosportive is a non competitive event. Whilst many experienced cyclosportive riders will be keen to record a quick time, the event is not a race so do not treat it as one. Your safety and that of other road uses is paramount.

What Bike:

When choosing a bike for the event, you need to take into account your ability to maintain the minimum average speed cut off of 20kmh (12.5mph) over the route distance. Therefore an efficient, comfortable and well maintained bike is essential.

What to bring:

Although the event will be supported by Shimano Neutral service, and feed stations en-route, we still recommend that you bring a multi tool, two spare tubes, tyre levers, a working pump and adequate hydration and food. You must have your mobile phone with you with the Earth Sports app installed and a small amount of cash in case of emergencies, enabling you to keep in touch with event organisers. In the electronic registration information you will find the guide, please make a note of the key event emergency numbers.

What to wear:

All riders are advised that it is compulsory to wear a correctly fitting cycle helmet that conforms to current UK safety standards. Sorry, no helmet, no ride.

Because the event takes place on the public road, you are strongly advised to wear hi visibility clothing of some sort. Being that the event is held at the end of May, weather conditions can change rapidly! Therefore, we advise that you wear adequate layers, arm and leg warmers, gilet and a waterproof jacket. We recommend that you wear proper padded cycling shorts and a pair of cycling mitts, both of which will also add to your comfort levels on what will be a long day in the saddle for even the fittest of cyclosportive riders. It has been known to be sunny at that time of year, so make sure you protect yourself with a high factor sun block!

Dropping Out:

If you decide to drop out of the ride for any reason, you must let the organizers know by calling the event contact number published on the Earth Sports event app ride guide so we can account for you.

Medical Cover:

First-aid cover will be provided by St John’s Ambulance for the whole event. There will also be back-up and sweep vehicles operating throughout for those riders who require them. Should this be the case, please either report to the nearest marshal or call the event organisers on the numbers given in this pack.

Mechanical Cover:

There will be 3 Shimano neutral service vehicles on route and mechanical assistance located at feed stations , you will be charged for parts but we will try to get you back on the road if at all possible.


Refreshments are provided as follows:

HQ – Breakfast will be available to purchase from 6:30 am each morning at the HQ. Other refreshments will be available to purchase all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 7:00 am. There will be hot/cold drinks, food, cakes, snacks and sandwiches from 10:30 am each day.

En-route – There will be three feed stations en-route, approximately every 40 km (25 miles)


These are provided at the start, finish, and at the feed stations so there will be no need to attend to the call of nature in public! If you are seen urinating at the start, in any urban areas, at feed station or any other public place you will be removed from the event and your details passed to the police. You have been warned!


Are located at the HQ in the leisure center.

After the Finish:

You will finish the event each day at the HQ, once you have passed the finish line (at which point your finish time will be recorded by the event app) you are asked to clear the area to allow room for the next finishers. You will be directed through the finish site where you will collect your medal. Your ride number is disposable so you do not need to hand it back . However if you are riding more than one day please remember to keep it on your bars until after the final day

Finish Times:

An alphabetical list of finishers and times will be posted on the day after the event or immdiately via the event app.

Age categories will be as follows:

A : 18 to 29 years

D: 50 to 59 years

B : 30 to 39 years

E: 60 years and over

C: 40-49 years

F: Para Cycling

* To calculate Women’s age categories add 20 minutes

Time bands are printed in the event program.

General Queries:

Contact Earth Sports: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Event HQ

The Start/Finish and Registration are all located at Huish Academy, Wincanton Rd, Langport TA10 9SS

Getting to the Tour of Wessex

The closest international airports are Bristol (38 miles), Heathrow (100 miles), Southampton (60 miles), Exeter (60 miles).

Drive time: Bristol to event – 40 mins, Heathrow to event 2 hrs.

Train service: From Heathrow take airbus to Reading then a train to Castle Cary or Taunton (Somerset). Or airbus to Woking and a train to Yeovil.


From St Malo, France to Poole, Dorset. 4hr 30 mins Condor Ferries


  • From central London (120 miles) 2hrs – 2 hr 30 mins. Take the M3 then the A303. At the Podimore roundabout take A372 direction Langport.
  • From the West take the A303, At the Podimore roundabout take A372 direction Langport.
  • From Bristol take the M5 to Jct 23, then the A39 direction Street and Glastonbury. At Street take B3151 to Langport.


  • The nearest train stations are Taunton (14 miles) Castle Cary (17.5 miles), Yeovil (14 miles). Further information can be found at National Rail Inquiries.



Charles Whitton Photography are the official photographers for the event. Click here to retrieve your photos and further information.

Visit the Information Desk on the day of the event or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) post event.

Check out the accommodation information about camping at the HQ and links to local hotels and suppliers.

The event is open to individuals between ages 18 and 80. And under 18’s if accompanied by an adult. Those over the age of 16 may participate if they provide a completed parental consent which can be obtained by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A standard road bike is the most suitable bike but a mountain bike with road tyres can also be used. Time trial bikes can be used but only if the rider plans to ride solo as they would in a time trial. Riding a time trail bike in group is not permitted.

All merchandise will be collected at registration.

Free parking is available adjacent to the HQ start. You will be directed by car park marshals to an appropriate space

The information Desk at the entrance of the event HQ, is the Official Meeting point.



Camping is availble at The Rose and Crown Inn located to the rear of the Huish Academy and 200 meters from the Start. The campsite comprises two camping fields for tents and a third field for camper vans and motor homes.

Please note there are a limited number of places available so please book when you enter online if you wish to guarantee your place.

There is live music at the pub on Saturday afternoon and evening meals are availble.

£18 per person per night (Children £8). Includes parking, use of showers, loos.

Please note there are no electric hook up’s for caravans and no black or grey water disposal.

No Dogs are permitted on site.


Hotels & Inns

Caravan site


Stage 1 - Medium

Check back during the event for results.

Stage 2 - Long

Check back during the event for results.

Stage 3 - Long

Check back during the event for results.

Stage 2 - Medium

Check back during the event for results.

Stage 3 - Long

Check back during the event for results.

Stage 1 - Long


Participants unavailable at this time.

Cancellation Information

Thank you very much for your patience, we have been working hard trying to find a new date in 2020 to hold the Tour of Wessex, but sadly it hasn’t been possible. A combination of daylight hours, venue and road limitations mean that unfortunately cancellation is our only choice. We are as disappointed as you are as we have been extremely excited about unveiling our new tracking app offering timed segments and the all time leaderboard.

We know that everyone is looking forward to getting in some epic riding, so if Government advice allows we will offer those already entered the opportunity to the ride the Tour of Wessex routes self supported by downloading the route onto their GPS with suggested refreshment stops. Over all times and climb segments will be provided by the Earth Sports App. This will be entirely complementary.

To this end, we have already begun working on Tour of Wessex 2021, and will be delivering you a better, and more enjoyable sportive, with some of the most stunning routes in the UK.

We have already had hundreds of riders to defer into 2021. As we have a limited capacity of 1000, the Tour of Wessex 2021 will become a balloted event to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity ride the Tour of Wessex next Spring Bank Holiday weekend.


Defer to the Tour of Wessex 2021

However, as a 2020 participant we will give you the chance to bypass the ballot process and cement your entry completely FREE.

To guarantee your spot in the Tour of Wessex 2021, you don’t need to do anything. We will move your entry across automatically after the 1st May 2020. You will be entered in the same distance you had entered for 2020. You can amend this distance if you’d like to in due course.

We suggest and hope you can keep up the training this year and we look forward to seeing you in Somerset next May.


If you are unable to attend the Tour of Wessex 2021 then in light of the extraordinary circumstances, as per our terms and conditions we will be offering refunds minus a £20 admin fee. Please note your original non refundable booking fee is included in the admin fee. The average booking fee cost was around £5 per person, this, plus the admin fee = an average of £15 per person.

The £15 fee covers some, but not all of, a fee charged to us to refund, some unrecoverable event costs and staff time

As this is a manual process we will need to be notified about your refund by Friday the 1st May.

To claim your refund simply click here and fill in the necessary details. We aim to have everyone’s refunds with them by the 10th May.

I booked camping, what is happening?

We will refund the entirety of what you paid for camping if you request a refund if you do not it will be transferred along with your 2021 entry. You do not need to take action on this, your refund will be processed by 10th May in line with our entry fee refunds. At this current time, we are unable to confirm whether camping will be an option for 2021, but if it does become available for 2021 we will email you to let you know and you will be able to add it to your 2021 experience.

I ordered a T Shirt, what is happening?

We will refund the cost of the T Shirt if you request a refund if you do not it will be transferred along with your 2021 entry. You do not need to take action on this, your refund will be processed by 10th May in line with our entry fee refunds.