Welcome to the Safari Simbaz Charity Trust

(Charity number: 1169946)

Founded in 2008 by David Kinjah a mentor to generations of Kenyan cyclists including multiple Grand Tour winner Chris Froome, Kinjah is the cycling godfather of East Africa. In 2002 he became first black African rider to sign for a European pro team, in a country more readily associated with distance running, the road that led Kinjah to racing bikes and becoming the one-time coach and mentor of the world’s most famous cyclist is a long one and will take more time than we have available here but please watch the interview below to find out more.


Of the 45 million people that live in Kenya, nearly 50 per cent are under the age of 15. A large percentage of these young people live in villages and townships where there are high levels of poverty and unemployment. This makes them vulnerable to petty theft, crime and substance abuse. The Safari Simbaz was founded by Kinjah with the intention of using the sport of cycling to involve youth living in these communities in a positive activity. It helps alleviate the challenges they face in their everyday lives and gives them life skills to better deal with their situations.

The Earth Sports Connection

In 2015 Earth Sports founder, Nick Bourne, rode with Kinjah in the record breaking team Bimmuno from Cairo to Cape Town, they have remained friends ever since and in 2016 Nick became a Trustee of the Safari Simbaz Charity Trust (EUROPE).